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Listen up Zoey Monroe fans, we've got a juicy update for ya. Here's the 411: there's a slim chance you can't make your move on your mamacita in real life. But before you start bawling, just know that you can still get intimate with a replica stroker that's always ready to play. This bad girl starts off with a perfect replica of Zoey's snatch, and the soft, supple interior is springy and clingy, holding on tight as you move through the multi-textured tunnel. It heats up naturally as you stroke, or for a sizzling start, soak it in warm water first. With an open end, it's easy to clean- just cover the back hole with your finger to feel that sweet suction. When it's time to clean up, use a toy cleaner and rinse it inside and out. And don't forget to let it air dry completely before storing it away for next time.